Midwest Platform

Youth Programs

On October 9, our professional college advisor has given a seminar to parents about a college education in the US. He explained the system and what parents can do to help their kids during this difficult journey. At the end, any questions that parents had were answered and the seminar was concluded.
A seminar by a professional college advisor for high school students was held on October 2. Students were motivated, guided, and answered during the meeting. The College system and acceptance criteria has been explained to students in order to guide them in the correct direction.
Congressional Award
Meral Aycicek has talked about “Congressional Award,” what it is, how to get it, and why to get it. The importance and the process of the award has been explained and at the end the questions of the participants were answered.
Open house
Mentees were introduced to the mentors. The mentors have been guided for how to properly have their meeting with mentors and different tips were given.
Open house
Parents were informed about the mentoring programs at the beginning of the year.
Kids Academy
Weekend school for elementary and kindergarten students! Quran, Islamic Studies, and Turkish classes are offered. Classes are in both English and Turkish according to the parents desire.
Reading Contest
We have held a prized Kahoot for high school students. The topic of the Kahoot was the book “The Humanity of Muhammad.” The Kahoot was held via zoom and we sent the gift cards to winners.
Lecture Series
One lecture of our KYC lecture series. Lyndsey Eksili has given a lecture to high school girls for keeping their identity and at the same time being a Muslim role model. At the end, the questions that high schoolers had were answered and the lecture was over.
Sat School
Professional tutors have given a seven week course to high school students. The intensive course has been held between September 12 and October 31. Practice tests and different sources that our tutors recommended were used during the course.
Youth Conference
High school and university graduates gave a seminar to upcoming freshmen and sophomores. They have been guided in the area of sports, academic life, social life, food, Islamic perspectives, and college applications. At the end, the questions that high school students have were answered and the conference was concluded.
We have held a nature tent camp with our mentors in Wisconsin. During camp, a lot of reading, praying, and listening was done. The camp was held for two days.
Mentor Training
Mentors have been trained by experienced past mentors. The difficulties and potential problems have been explained. Then, mentors were guided to how to act in those kinds of and different situations
Siyer Competition
We have held “Siyer Competition” among our high schooler boys. They have prepared different videos, presentations, pictures, etc. in order to compete with each other.
Siyer Competition
We have held “Siyer Competition” among our middle schooler boys. They have prepared different videos, presentations, pictures, etc. in order to compete with each other. As a motivation, every participant was awarded.
We have organized a prized Kahoot competition among our middle school girls. They had fun and won prizes.
Mawlid Drive-Thru
We have arranged a drive-thru in the TASC for weekend school students to celebrate their Kandil. Different gifts were given such as stickers, balloons, ice-cream, and cotton candy.
Lecture Series
Lecture by Nesrin Unlu was one of our lecture series. She has talked about Hereafter to middle schooler girls.
Ahmed Rehab has given a seminar about leadership features to our high school students. High schoolers learned a lot about leadership and got their questions answered.
Lecture Series
Ayse Eldes has talked about her life to our high school students. She has focused on religion and cultural identity.
Lecture Series
Ayse Arslan gave a seminar to high school girls about Halal and Haram. this has strengthened the ability of our high schooler girls to find the correct and thin line between right and wrong.
Lecture Series
Betul Bilgin’s seminar is one of our KYC lecture series for our middle schooler girls. She has talked about her life as an engineer in the US.