Midwest Platform


HR Committee
Finance Committee
Education Committee
Compliance Committee
Youth Committee
Arbitration Committee
Comminication Committee

MCSC Committees:

The committees collaborate in the following purposes:

A. Sharing and Replication of Best Practices: Successful programs enacted by individual parties can be emulated and adopted by parties to this MOU. The platform created by this MOU benefits participants by reducing costs through by sharing resources, improve organizational efficiency by sharing gained expertise and opening new networking opportunities.

B. Building a Portfolio of Assets and Capabilities: Through this MOU, parties seek to create a diverse portfolio of assets and capabilities that draw upon the unique strengths of the individual institutions.

C. Increased Communication & Cooperation: In the interest of maintaining the efficacy of the MOU, regular meetings in the form of workshops, forums, conferences, and discussion panels are standard practice among the Board participants, executive officers, staff and assigned persons of participating institutions. Through these meetings, participants of the MOU can exchange ideas, experiences, or practices to raise the quality of services.

D. Synergy: When appropriate for their missions, parties to this agreement will seek to combine their resources to achieve greater impact or economies of scale. Every party maintains the autonomy to implement new programs at their discretion.

We believe that these issues touch us all, no matter where we are in the world, and hope to facilitate a dialogue around them in order to better understand the challenges we face in societies today.