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About Us

Who are the members of Midwest Civil Society Council?

Why are we establishing the Midwest Civil Society Council and what do we want out of it?

Midwest Civil Society Council consists of 33 members from the local organizations in Midwest.

These organizations are seeking assistance with anything from marketing to managing human resources to influencing the direction of regulators. They are seeking advice can obtain it from a board of directors, consultants or networks of one sort or another. Increasingly, attention is being given to The MCSC. Thinking carefully about a council’s purpose will ensure that it will be structured to maximize its contribution to an organization’s success.

The current mission is to:

  • Represent and be the voice of every member of aforementioned community at the MCSC.
  • Identify and address challenges faced by the community and propose advisory solutions.
  • Share MCSC’s goals, meetings, and decisions regularly with the community.
  • Develop vision and plans for organizational structure and activities for its community in Midwest, while upholding the best interest of its community.