Midwest Platform

Midwest Civil Society Counsil

Midwest Civil Society Council (MCSC) is a loose umbrella platform serving as a voice for civic, culture and service organizations around the Midwest U.S dedicated to promoting community service, education and interfaith dialogue. MCSC consists of representatives from member institutions that signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the purpose of seeking cooperation and synergy in the fulfillment of their respective missions. This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is non-binding for all parties, where each participant chooses to join and leave voluntarily. The primary aim of the partnership offered by this MOU is to improve the range and quality of services, reduce costs, and to provide a platform for sharing innovative best practices efficiently among participants and the organizations they represent.

The objective of MCSC is to foster cooperation and cohesion among various organizations in the Midwest U.S. and to become the premier representative organization for member organizations in Midwest.

MCSC is a member of North American Civic Alliance (NACA).

Our decisions may have a positive impact only if the community follows up on our decisions.

Member Organizations:

Chicago Community Advisory Council

Turkish American Society of Minnesota (TASMN)

Turkish American Society of Missouri (TASOM)

Turkish American Society of Wisconsin (TASWI)

Turkish American Society of Ohio (TASO)

Northern Ohio Intercultural Association (NOICA)

MCSC Secretary:

Ali Kucuker